The Cousins Of The Sun

By: Nana Acheampong Cousins are looked upon with comparison of the Sun’s Cousins. This brings as to why the stars can compare to one’s afterlife. Earth’s Brother Moon is showing another potential. Gravitation could be one. We are watching ourselves, along with the stars and the sun as they work as a team towards the […]

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Take The Thirty Day Challenge

By: Tim Connor  Let me ask you – if you were told today you had only 30 days to live – would you do anything different or would you just spend your last 30 days in the same routines, attitudes and life approaches that you have followed for the past several years? My guess is that […]

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The Blinded Sight

By: Nana Acheampong Through the form of waves and through it’s energy, the blind can see. For example, sound waves propogate via air molecules colliding with their neighbours. When the molecules collide, they also bounce away from each other (a restoring force). This keeps the molecule from continuing to travel in the direction of the […]

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ERI Real Estate Property

ERI Real Estate Property Listing Investor/Owner; ERI/CEO a) Initial Investment Fee of $16,000, $0.30 Dividend Fee & 20% Fee Towards ERI b) Initial Investment Fee of $4,800, $0.30 Dividend Fee & 20% Fee Towards ERI Nana Acheampong Founder: En Route Investors “Here to provide you the right source towards prepared investments.” Please visit us […]

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