Light and Radiation

Light and Radiation Is light being put through radiation? Through the use of microwaves, the case may be so. In terms of peace, they will always be there to acknowledge due to our afterlife. This is why it has always been acknowledged since Day 1, and the energy continues to bring. In physics, radiation is […]

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Currency and Delusions

Currency and Delusions A delusion is a mistaken belief that is held with strong conviction even when presented with superior evidence to the contrary. One example would be when everyone who spends the Canadian Dollar considers it otherwise. The ‘When’, ‘Why’, ‘How’ The day when one wakes up, en route to a hospital unconscious due […]

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Currency & It’s Hierarchy, The ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’, ‘How’

Currency & It’s Hierarchy, The ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’, ‘How’ ‘When’, ‘Why’, ‘How’ | V ‘Why’, ‘Who’ | V ‘What’ Best regards, Nana Acheampong Founder: En Route Investors “Here to provide you the right source towards prepared investments.” Please visit us at: We do wish you all the best. And remember: En Route […]

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Do I Need a Mortgage Professional?

By:┬áKimberley Ash Buying and owning a home, exciting. Searching and arranging for a home loan that fits your financial situation on your own, not so exciting. Many home owners find the home loan process can be complex and time consuming. A mortgage broker can compare the wide range of loans available in the market on […]

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Activism: A Religion of History

  Analytics is going on today based on Earth’s relation with it’s ancestry. Earth connects with other current ancestries in the Solar System as well. Life today began with the energy of the Solar System. In terms of activism being known as a corrosive, explosive, flammable, combustible material, Earth day had always been a resolving. […]

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